Winter White Elegance For Your Home

Take your inspiration from the seasons to bring elegance to your home this year.

The changing colours of the season in nature have always been an inspiration for home décor. The winter months have nature covering the ground with white, be that frost or snow and taking inspiration from mother nature we are stripping back the decor and delivering crisp, winter whites to accompany the season.

Is there anything more beautiful than freshly fallen snow on a landscape, be that a cityscape or a gently curving hillside? White is a brave choice as a colour, or lack of a colour palette, but when combined with textures it delivers and looks stunning in the home.

White is one of the wonderful colours that can be styled whatever your interior taste, whether that is minimalist, Scandi, Boho, Quiet Luxury, or Country Living and the list goes on.

White For The Floor

If you are lucky enough to have floorboards, they look incredible painted or washed in white. Dress with a white textured rug to start your layering from the bottom and begin adding your furniture which will bring the cosy feel. No dogs, cats or children? Then a white carpet carefully looked after speaks of opulence and glamour.

White For The Walls

Whatever your wall composition whether modern plasterboard, Victorian wood panelling or historic brick or stone, a coat of white paint can be transformational. It doesn’t need to be perfectly applied as that informal aged look in character homes works to highlight those feature nooks and crannies which make your home unique. White walls are the perfect backdrop and as such emphasise the art or photographs you choose to adorn your space, making them the focal and talking points.

White For The Ceiling

Give a sense of lofty height by extending the white onto the ceiling and accessorise with a sculptural lampshade or glass chandelier if you have the space. The glass crystal droplets against the white will give the impression of falling snow or ice and give a sense of drama to such a simply painted room.


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