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Dining and Kitchen

Top restaurants know that a dining experience is about much more than just the food; the standard of the table linen also plays a big part. You want to be assured that your guests will appreciate the quality of your tablecloths and napkins, while also be safe in the knowledge that it can all withstand the spills and constant washing that’s part of a busy restaurant. With a variety of colours, styles and materials available, such as 100% cotton or rich polycotton blends, you’ll find something to match your requirements at the most competitive trade prices.

We also supply a range of kitchen essentials that are perfectly suited for that tough behind the scenes work in restaurant and hotel kitchens. This range includes kitchen tea towels in assorted colours, glass cloths for ensuring drinking glasses remain sparkling, waiters cloths to aid in carrying hot plates, and oven cloths for taking things in and out of the oven or dealing with hot pans.

Need more help? Find out how to choose the best table linen for your restaurant.

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