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Want to boost your laundry's output?

Discover how our laundry partners leverage the Foxyzz Technology to achieve
greater laundry performance and return on investment.

What are Foxyzz® products?

Foxyzz Technology stands as a key component in many of Europe’s top-performing laundries. This cutting-edge technology is seamlessly integrated into specific lines of bed linen, sheets, tablecloths, and terry products, producing textiles finely tuned for operational efficiency. The result? Exceptional laundry performance and a remarkable return on investment.

Crafted with laundry performance enthusiasts in mind—those who consistently seek higher standards—Foxyzz  Technology is tailored for individuals who prefer the sport model over the ordinary textile offerings available in the market.

Testorp grows laundry capacity by 80%

How do you execute an ambitious growth plan if you cannot expand your laundry site? Together, we found a path by looking inward at Testorp’s laundry operations.

Interested in laundry performance?

We are always excited to meet fellow laundry performance geeks, understand your context, and set new performance standards together.

Reach out to us now to begin your laundry performance journey. 

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